Sondry Matteres:

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A few pieces about boats and voyaging:

The first consists of some random thoughts following my return to sailing after fifty years out of the game.

I     Back on the Water after 50 Years 2013

The other two (from 2016 and 2017 respectively) are about voyages in Penultimate, my Kingfisher 30; they were originally published in the Kingfisher class magazine.

II    Penultimate’s Progress (i): Grimsby - Cowes and back 2016

III   Penultimate’s Progress (ii): A Quick Pop Round Britain 2017

The first of these tells of a single-handed trip from Grimsby (and back) to the famous Folly Inn, up-river from Cowes, where until recently the Kingfisher class held an annual rally. 

The second is an account of a voyage round Britain, which was also intended to culminate in the class rally for that year at the Folly, though as it turned out I didn’t get there in time. It’s written very economically (could be twice the length) in order to fit into the Kingfisher magazine, and even so it nearly got split into two episodes.


To anybody who recognises themselves in these tales: no satire at all was intended. You were all, without exception, lovely people!