Musick :


Around 1990 it became obvious that I needed another group to deal with projects which didn’t fit IOU’s schedule or interests. Irregulus was started as an occasional group with floating personnel; basically an “anything I want to do, whenever I want to do it” band.

A quick high point was reached in the “Whistling in the Dark” project for Lincoln Cathedral, forming part of “The Journey” festival in 1990. Only very misguided persons try to take on a cathedral on its own terms; the approach we adopted was to look lost and small in the vastness of late-night darkness, fortuitously assisted by a barn-owl flitting about, silent, white, ghostly, up in the roof timbers. Personnel were Melanie Pappenheim (voice), Lou Glandfield (Keyboards, voice), Chas Dickie (cello, voice), and myself.

This selection also draws on the “What Dragon?” CD, another personal favourite, this time with Jessica Loeb as principal voice and Hilary Insall on cello.